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My name is Jared Wicker, and I have an honorary Master’s Degree in both Business Vacationing and Family Time.  I’ve seen what it’s like for Creative Directors: staying all night in the office, finishing drafts, brainstorming, looking at kitten GIFs, and being forced to abandon other aspects of life.  Sound familiar?  I can’t tell you how to do your job better, but I have discovered 5 secrets to Creative Director stress and time management that will get you out of the office by five, every day – free to spend time with your family, mistress, or chocolate cake.

Worlds best dadddy

Secret 1: Feedback

You know as well as the next creative director that most ideas just won’t cut it – no matter how excited about them your team may be. Instead of taking the time to explain why you’re crushing their dreams, save time and stress by handing your team these simple and efficient Rapid Feedback Cards. Guaranteed to be relevant every time!



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RFCViralBorder-01    RFCToshBorder-01    RFCBrilliantBorder-01

RFCEffectiveBorder-01    RFCMillenialsFinal-01    RFCLoveLikeBorder-01


Secret 2: Guidance

DucksReallyEven the most intrepid team can be distracted by the siren call of advertising clichés. Proactively ward against clichés by supplying your team with this handy guide.



Secret 3:Inspiration

JaredInspiresUsThe secret to to an efficient, stress-free environment is inspiration, for both yourself and your team. JaredTissueWhite And it’s scientifically proven that since the advent of ambient Instagram photos with pithy quotes on them, nothing is or ever will be as inspirational again.

Inspire jar

inspire trees        inspire bridges

inspire haters        inspire flight

inspire tiny ballerinas

inspire mugging



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Secret 4: Hire Jared Wicker


Jared is always prepared with writing utensils.

This is perhaps the most vital piece of advice I will give you for decreasing your stress and being able to leave work by five.   If I had been able to hire Jared Wicker, I would have.  Unfortunately, I am Jared Wicker, so I cannot hire him. But it’s extremely good advice for you. Jared needs a copywriter job.

Jared Wicker will do absolutely any work, and stay late to finish up your work. And, since he is already rich from writing self-help manuals like this one, you don’t have to worry about paying him much.  His payment is creative fulfillment.

Although he’s only a recent college graduate, he’s had years of focused advertising experience,  And, what he lacks in work experience, he makes up for in creativity, eagerness, and being shy around girls.

Check out some work at his portfolio.

He’s had some great internships and entrepreneurial experience. See at his LinkedIn here.

Jared writes, codes, designs, dreams, and schemes.


Secret 5: The Mystery

To find out what the 5th secret to creative director efficiency is, set up a meeting with Jared Wicker to discuss career opportunities!

Please, email me directly at, or give me a ring at 919-943-0650.



(Again, my portfolio site is here.)